Frequently Asked Questions
  • Basics

  • What is CryptoHashTank MN Service?

    CHT is a shared masternode and POS (proof of stake) platform. Members pool their coins together in an effort to maximize profits.

  • Why should I use CHT?

    CHT is the most advanced shared masternode platform available, and we're constantly improving. We pride ourselves on being extremely responsive and transparent. Our Discord community is second to none, with hundreds of helpful and insightful members.

    Our goal is to make masternode participation as easy and as profitable as possible.

  • How much does it cost?

    We take a portion of your earnings as commission. This is used to pay server fees, transfer fees, managing the platform and masternodes, and hopefully there's some profit leftover.

    Our standard commission rate is 4% of earnings.

    A variable commission rate is enabled if a masternode's daily reward falls below $2.00.

    The commission percentage is listed on the coin's masternode page in the left panel, towards the bottom. Our platform calculates the appropriate commission rate to achieve approximately $2.50 in monthly commission, up to a maximum of 90%.

  • How many coins do I need?

    You can participate in any shared masternode with as little as 1 coin. Our automated platform allows us to easily accept and manage member's holdings of any size.

  • What about seats or shares?

    We don't believe in putting limits on your participation. The truth is, most shared masternode services have "seats" or "shares" because it's much easier to manage. We decided to take the road less traveled, to benefit our members. The only way to do this, at scale, is with a custom automated platform. That means no Google Sheets or hacked together ecommerce site.

  • Masternodes

  • What's an AutoNode?

    When you see a coin labled "Auto" or "AutoNode", the coin is configured for automation with the following features:

    • Masternode and and Stake rewards are processed within minutes of confirmation.
    • Reinvestments are instantly moved into the buy-in queue.
    • Payments are queued for Daily Payouts
    • Deposits of fractional coins are accepted. You can deposit 1.00025577 coins.
    • Withdrawals are processed very quickly. (as long as there are available coins)

  • What's an InstantNode?

    An "Instant" or "InstantNode", is a coin where the Developer has provided the collateral for us to start the first masternode. This means that every validated deposit earns a proportional share of MN and Staking rewards, whether in the buy-in, pending or active MN.

    Additionally, all of the benefits and features of AutoNodes apply to InstantNodes!

  • What's a Buy In Masternode?

    Once you make a deposit and it validates, your coins are placed into the Buy In Masternode. When the masternode's collateral requirement is met, your coins are moved into the Pending Masternode.

    Sometimes, if there's a withdrawal request, your coins may go directly into an actively earning Masternode to cover the withdrawal.

  • What's a Pending Masternode?

    When a masternode's collateral requirement is met, coins are automatically moved from the Buy In Masternode into the Pending Masternode.

    At this stage, your coins are waiting for a masternode to be spun up and assigned an address. Once that happens, your coins will be assigned to a MN# or put into the Pooled MN and begin earning rewards.

  • Pooled MN and MN#, what's the difference?

    MN# indicates a single masternode, with a single address. Generally, coins are placed into a single MN once a new MN is spun up.

    A Pooled MN is a collection of masternodes pooled together. Everyone in a Pooled MN shares the rewards from all of the associated MNs in that pool. This has several benefits, including a reduced risk of zero earnings due to downtime and a more even accumulation of earnings.

    We pool masternodes after we process their first reward.

  • Deposits

  • What's the minimum I need to deposit?

    You can deposit any whole coin, as little as 1 coin if you'd like.

    AutoNodes and InstantNodes allow for any amount to be deposited, even fractional coins.

  • How do I make a deposit?

    Use the deposit form associated with the coin you'd like to deposit. Send the coins to the deposit address listed on the deposit form. Fill out the deposit form, click submit and check for any errors.

  • Why isn't my deposit showing up in the buy in?

    After you send your coins to the deposit address and submit the deposit form, we automatically validate your deposit.

    This validation process runs every 10 minutes and checks to make sure the coins made it to our deposit wallet, verifies the amount, etc. Until your deposit is validated, your coins will remain in a pending status.

  • Why is my deposit pending for more than 20 minutes?

    This can happen for a number of reasons, including:

    • Incorrect transaction ID entered on the deposit form.
    • Incorrect amount entered on the deposit form.
    • The coins never reached our wallet.

    We review all pending deposits within 48 hours and manually validate those that we can. If we need to, we'll contact you for additional information.

  • Earnings

  • How much will I earn?

    The exact amount depends on many factors. However, earnings are directly proportional to your percentage share of the masternode's collateral. For instance, if you have 100 coins on a masternode who's collateral requirement is 1000, you can expect to receive 10% of that masternode's rewards, (less CHT's commission).

  • Why are my earnings decreasing?

    The frequency of rewards a masternode earns is directly proportional to the number of masternodes on that coin's blockchain. Over time, as more masternodes are added to the network, the rewards are spread out over a larger group of available masternodes and the time between rewards increases.

  • Payments

  • When will I get paid?

    AutoNodes and InstantNodes: Payments are queued throughout the day and paid out daily.
    Our time zone is UTC -6, which means payments can come as late as 6:00 UTC. Payments are manually intiated and are typically processed between 23:30 and 01:30UTC.

    If the coin is POS, there may be payment delays, in the event coins are locked from staking. This doesn't happen often, and it's not something we can control. If this occurs, we will annouce it in the appropriate Discord channel.

    Please don't be "that guy" and open a ticket or openly complain if payments are not made within the "typical timeframe". Payments are daily, and not neccessarily every 24hrs.

  • Why didn't I get paid?

    AutoNodes and InstantNodes: Your queued payment balance must be more than the 1 coin payment threshold. Once per week, that threshold is lowered to 0.02 coins.

    We also delay paying coins that have reported wallet or exchange issues, if we're notified in advance.

  • Where can I see my pending payment?

    For AutoNodes and InstantNodes if you do not have reinvestment enabled for a coin, your rewards are queued throughout the day until they are paid out. You can view your queued payment balance in your "member's page".

  • Withdrawals

  • How can I request a withdrawal?

    To initiate a withdrawal, you must be logged in via Discord. Once logged in, click your Discord username in the navigation header and choose "My Page". Once you're in your profile page, you'll see a list of all the coins you're participating in. Click the withdraw button for the coin you wish ito initate a withdrawal for. Complete the withdrawal form, and we'll process the withdrawal.

  • How long does a withdrawal take?

    We try to process them as soon as possible without interrupting existing masternode participants. If your withdrawal requires shutting down an existing masternode, it may take up to 7 days for us to process your request.
    For an up to date, timeline estimate, please visit: