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Terms of Service:

(1) Deposits:
Deposits should be whole numbers of coins, anything following the decimal is considered a donation. (ie. 10.26 HASH) .26 would be a donation. (2) Amount of shares you can hold:
You can hold any amount of shares. There is no minimum to participate. (3) Frequency of payments:
Payments will be at least every 7 days (typically on Sunday), but may be more frequent for newer MNs in order to use rewards towards more MNs. (4) Withdrawals:
We try to process them as soon as possible without interrupting existing masternode participants. If your withdrawal requires shutting down an existing masternode, it may take up to 7 days for us to process your request. For an up to date, timeline estimate, please visit: (5) Administration costs:
The standard cost of participation is 4% of earnings. Once a masternode's daily earnings fall below $1.00, the coin will be switched to a variable commission rate. Our system will the calculate the appropriate commission rate to achieve approximately $1.25 in monthly commission. This fee is used for hosting, managing payments, transfers of shares, selling of current shareholder positions, maintenance, etc.